The Lady of Shalott in a carved medieval boat on the river

The Lady of Shalott

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The Lady of Shalott is one of the characters in the King Arthur legends. Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote a ballad about her in 1842. The lady was under a curse that bound her to the island, but after seeing handsome Sir Lancelot ride by "from underneath his helmet flow'd his coal black curls as on he rode" she broke free - with deadly consequences. This creative writing project is expanded with the full 3-page poem and a bonus image by John William Waterhouse. In this eBook, you have two pages of writing tips, four main images for muse, three pages of poetry, and two more pages you can type your notes into. Whether you write medieval poetry, or a short story based on the King Arthur legends, this mini creative writing course will inspire you to start the story writing process. 

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